Require documents for registration of applicants:


  • Original passport.
  • Photocopy of personal data and other information page of passport.
  • Bank deposit slip (original).
  • Copy of Entry Visa, if available.


Registration Process:


A.   Step 1: Pre-registration


i.        The applicant or his agent or any of his representative will deposit the medical fee in Winston bank account maintained with Al Arafah Islami Bank Limited (Account No. 0201020015372) for amounting Taka 5,500/- only.

ii.       The name of applicant and his Passport number must be mentioned in deposit slip.


The applicant will then have to present in person at Winston office located at Banani, Dhaka for registration.


B.   Step 2: Registration


i.      Attend for registration and collect token for queue from the Winston Office located at Banani, Dhaka.

ii.     Complete the formalities and obtain registration slip indicating applicant ID and Password.

iii.    Collect token for medical check-up.


The applicant will then have to appear for medical check-up in medical center located at Dhanmondi, Dhaka.


C.   Step 3: Medical Check-up

i.    Attend to the Popular Diagnostic Center for medical procedure as per requirement.


After the completion of the medical formalities, the applicant or his agent can check his medical test status on the company’s website ( with his AID and Password.


The standard report preparation and uploading time is about 7 working days from last test. The test results are three types viz. FIT, UNFIT, and Pending.


D.   Step 4: Report Collection


1.    FIT Applicant

      The FIT applicants only can collect report from Winston Office. The following documents are required for providing FIT report

        - Original Entry Visa. 

        - Registration form copy or Applicant AID and Password

Winston will then ink FIT stamp on the original entry Visa for further processing with Kuwait Embassy.


E.    Step 5: Vaccination


At final stage, the FIT applicants need to visit medical center again for vaccination.

(This is applicable only for FIT applicants).


Important Notes:


1.    Pending Applicants:


In case of pending of reports for minor health issue, the applicant can attend for re-test at free of cost under original registered AID after taking proper treatment and necessary medication.


2.    Unfit Applicants:


In case of an applicant who is unable to meet the health requirement standards that were set by the Ministry of Health, Government of Kuwait, is considered to be Unfit. It deems as major health casualty.

Refund Policy:


In case of unwillingness for medical check-up for whatever reason thereof after depositing medical fee in Winston bank account, the applicant is entitled to get full refund within three working days from his application date.




Our address:

Winston KW Limited

28-30 Ahmed Tower, 2nd Floor,
Kamal Atartuk Avenue, Banani,
Dhaka 1213, Bangladesh
Phone: +88-02-9821194
Phone: +88-09678777921

Medical center address:

Popular Diagnostic Center

Dhanmondi, House # 16, Road # 2, Dhanmondi,

Dhaka-1205, Bangladesh.

Mobile: 01553 341060-61

Phone: +880 9613787801

Email: [email protected]

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