Winston KW Ltd is a subsidiary of Kuwait based organization Winston General Trading and Contracting Company having its head office located in Kuwait.

Winston General Trading and Contracting Company holds an exclusive contract from the Ministry of Health in Kuwait to do the health Screening and Medical certification of expatriates/workers going to Kuwait for employment.

Winston General Trading and Contracting Company is currently operating in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Philippines through its partners and subsidiary companies incorporated in the respective countries.

Our aptitude accompanies world class levels of IT framework, the best selection of medical networks for health screening. Our way to deal with business obtaining is giving the customer a vibe of our offerings with clear expectations and best services.

Some key features of Winston are highlighted below:

  • Winston ensures a very smooth services to its Applicants.
  • Winston handles the Medical test results of each applicant with top most confidentiality.
  • Winston uses biometric identification systems both at its registration office as well as in the medical centers to prevent identity theft.
  • Winston always thrive to maximize the chance of an applicant’s success by having its own independent panel of doctors to proofread the medical results when there is ambiguity or necessity of second opinion.
  • Winston do acknowledge that some medical results may come unfavorable with narrow margins and during cases of recoverable issues the applicant is not marked directly as unfit. They are given an opportunity to undergo medication and then a follow-up test is done at no additional cost to get favorable results.
  • Winston ensures accuracies in medical examination report by doing each medical test more than once independently.
  • Winston takes pride in the accuracy of the medical examination. However, In case of an applicant failing the second test in Kuwait, we provide financial cover including the cost of stay and ticket cost of returning back to their country.
  • Winston follows the guidelines and standard strictly as set by the Ministry of Kuwait and abide by its rules and regulations.

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